''A beautiful town with the untouched nature of human''

Do you know that Turkey is ranked as the 4th in the world in terms of grape production? And, our region (Çal, Güney and Bekilli) is the area where supplies approximately 70% of grapes for wine industry in Turkey.The history of the wine production and viticulture of Çal dates back about 5000 years ago to Ancient Ages when the name of town was called as ''Mosyna''.


Çal has a Mediterranean and terrestrial climate at a high altitude of 850-1050 meters. Even in the summer period, night temperature is quite cool with approximately 15 °C despite the sunshine in the mornings with around 30-33 °C and this conditions significantly influence aromas, tannins and colour during the grape maturation phase (late August - early October). Terroir has a deep limestone soil and roots stay in cool environment. Therefore, irrigation system is not used by farmers who continue still traditional viticulture methods by following mostly Goblet fashion. It is hard to see trellis system in this area.

We are in the Middle of the "Grape Kingdom"

Our winery which has 500 acres of vineyard in Çal, Güney and Bekilli, has adopted the principle of making the high quality Ezel wines from the best quality Anatolian grapes with its professional viticulture staff and French oenologists. Our vineyard capacity doesn't meet with our production capacity, so we supply significant amount of raw material from our local contract farmers. We have been working with same farmers for years and our agricultural engineers regularly check their vineyards from pruning to harvest period. One of our other important principles is taking grapes only from this magical region.

Everything Begins with Grape

Once the hand-picked grapes are harvested, we move them to the process at latest in 30 minutes. This advantage gives us maximum flavour from grapes and prevent from any aroma losing.

No matter how strange, the only livelihood of people living in our region has been viticulture for many years, however, nowadays, population has been gradually decreasing. Once upon a time, they were cultivating vineyards for wine but there were no wineries in the area. After 2000s, many wineries have been established and local people has been started to understood importance of making wine in this land. Unfortunately, nowadays fewer and fewer, are choosing to live in the small villages, working in vineyards and on the farms where they grew up.

Come back to this beautiful place and let's produce together.

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