Our Story

Ezel Winery was founded in 2006 in Çal town of Denizli by Mehmet ATILSIN, who started this job as a hobby with an initial production capacity of 100.000 litres per year. In course of time, as our customers' demands growth, our capacity has increased to 2.000.000 liters from 2006 to 2019 with technological investments.

Today, Ezel Winery has become one of the most important wine producers in Turkey. Winery is located between vineyards, with a great scene on the foothills of the mountains of Çökelez in Çal, Denizli, which is in the middle of Aegean Region. We produce red, white, rose and blush wine.

Why Ezel?
Ezel takes its name from name of Mehmet ATILSIN's daughters who are Ezgi and Elif.

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